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Rationale for Dietary Ketones in MCI: Free Report

October 8, 2020

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI), an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), occurs in the brain, but one tactic that may counter it involves the stomach. That is the focus of a special report, available free from, an information service devoted to halting MCI, announced CEO Leslie Norins, MD, PhD.

Titled “12 Surprising Reasons Ketones Deserve Diet Consideration in Mild Cognitive Impairment,” its author is Mary T. Newport, MD, a world authority on the use of dietary ketones as aids to cognition. Dr. Newport is also an advisor to

After decades as a neonatal specialist, Dr. Newport was forced to consider brain ageing when her own husband, the manager of her practice, began showing signs of decreasing cognition. Sadly, there is no accepted treatment for MCI or AD, which is invariably fatal.

Urgently seeking helpful information, she found research indicating that refined coconut oil, and medium chain triglycerides, had beneficial effects on cognition. These substances contain, or are, “ketones.”

Her husband began a vigorous diet containing coconut oil and other ketones, alone and added to other foods. Amazingly, over a year her husband’s cognitive tests improved greatly.

Why might the ketones and medium chain fatty acids be effective? Dr. Newport points out that glucose is the preferred main fuel of the brain, but insulin is needed for the cells to absorb it. When aging brain cells become resistant to insulin, they cannot absorb the glucose. Luckily this situation can be sidestepped because the cells still can absorb ketones without the need for insulin, and metabolize it in lieu of glucose. Thus, a diet rich in ketones can raise blood levels of these molecules, allowing the brain cells to access a substitute fuel they can use.

Dr. Newport is careful to point out that her desirable “nutritional ketosis” is not the same as “diabetic ketoacidosis,” which is an abnormal and dangerous condition.
Her special report cogently presents 12 reasons why ketones are worth considering. However, of course, no particular result can be assured.

But, Dr. Norins concludes, since the coconut oil and ketones have few side effects, are widely available, and are reasonably priced, they may be worth a try if one’s own physician agrees.