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MCI911 Posts Seven Supplements That May Aid Mild Cognitive Impairment

November 17, 2020

Information on seven available supplements that may improve mild cognitive impairment (MCI) was posted on this website November 17.

Five are not widely known:  plasmalogens, ashwagandha, lion’s mane, curcumin, and low-dose lithium.  Two are familiar, but their aid to cognition is less publicized: caffeine and green tea. A relevant picture is posted with each one.

Unfortunately, there is no pharmaceutical drug to arrest or reverse the MCI process. However, the MCI911 editorial team searches the medical literature to find possible remedies that have been largely overlooked.  Interestingly, they are usually non-prescription, relatively cheap, and available online or in health food departments.

Although all have at least a few medical journal articles reporting their benefits, they are mostly ignored in conventional medical practices. Leslie Norins, MD, PhD, CEO,  attributes this to the fact these substances cannot be patented; therefore, no pharmaceutical company can afford to invest millions of dollars conducting what he calls “gold-plated” clinical trials that would satisfy all statisticians and other critics.

Instead, the journal articles describe more modest trials with fewer subjects, and some evidence comes from experiments with lab animals.

Why not select just one supplement to list, instead of seven?  “At the present state of science, it’s not possible to find out in advance which one of many could help a particular patient,” says Dr. Norins.  “And people vary so much in their genetics, diets, occupations, and living conditions.”  He cites shoes as an analogy; one size does not fit everybody.

Still, Dr. Norins says, the spotlighted substances have few if any harmful side effects, so why not consult with one’s physician about taking some or all for a few months or more?  “If one or more ‘works’ to improve your cognition, and is ok’d by your physician, then who cares if the published evidence was not ‘gold-plated’”?

Exploration of other potential supplements and substances is an ongoing program, says Dr. Norins. “After all, MCI is the new frontline in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease.”