Exercise Your Mind

Brain Games vs Brain Training

In this section, we will explore brain games such as crossword puzzles, quizzes, Sudoku, and word problems. We will also delve into brain training, which are techniques that focus on improving your memory, attention, focus, and brain speed.
Chalk Drawing of Cartoon Brain Lifting Weights | MCI 911 Mild Cognitive Impairment

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The Crossword Conundrum- Helpful for Cognition?

Much research indicates that working crosswords may help ward off memory loss in older adults and may benefit those who already have MCI. Not a cure-all, but why not try it?

Brain-Training Games

The science of neuroplasticity has taught us that the brain is always capable of change. Keeping the brain active by reading, playing cards, quilting, watching the evening news, having fun with BTGs, or looking at old photo albums may well help some people maintain their memory and mental agility