The Company

MCI911 and its website MCI911.com, is a new information service and clearinghouse formed to disseminate news, advice, and research findings that might aid patients in fending off, halting, or even reversing Mild Cognitive Impairment.

The “911” in the name indicates urgency and is adapted from the 911 emergency help telephone number used throughout the United States.

The firm is independent, privately held, and not affiliated with, or endorsed by, any other organization or group. It is self-funded and does not seek or accept outside donations or grants.

Mild Cognitive Impairment can be the earliest recognizable sign that processes related to Alzheimer’s disease may be occurring in a person’s brain. Unfortunately, there is no specific curative drug or other treatment for it at this time.

However, a number of substances and activities have been reported to be of some help in slowing or delaying loss of cognition, and more are currently being studied. MCI911 monitors research and other developments, and spotlights reports and findings that seem promising for bolstering cognition and aiding MCI patients.

The company is a “sister” firm to Alzheimer’s Germ Quest, Inc. (ALZgerm.org), which encourages research on the possible roles of microbes in causing or accelerating Alzheimer’s disease.

Meet the Team

Leslie Norins, MD, PhD, FIDSA (Emeritus)

Founder and Publisher
Dr. Norins has been an entrepreneurial medical publisher for 48 years. He has created, launched, and grown over 80 subscription newsletters serving national audiences of healthcare professionals and facilities. His interest in Alzheimer’s disease began in 2017. While reading medical journals, he noticed many facets of the illness resembled infectious disease processes. He then launched Alzheimer’s Germ Quest (ALZgerm.org) and created a $1 million Challenge Award to stimulate research on microbes’ causative role in that disease. Now his interests have broadened to attacking Mild Cognitive Impairment, the first recognizable indication an Alzheimer’s process may be occurring in the brain (MCI911.com).

Dr. Norins received his AB from Johns Hopkins University and his MD from Duke Medical School. His PhD is from the University of Melbourne, where he was a postdoctoral fellow in immunology with Sir Macfarlane Burnet, Nobel Laureate. In the early phase of his career, he directed the Venereal Disease Research Laboratory at the Centers for Disease Control.

Leslie Norins - Publisher & Founder | MCI 911
Ann 'Rainey' Norins - Vice President | MCI 911

Ann “Rainey” Norins

Vice President
Rainey has 30 years of experience in all aspects of medical information publishing.

She oversees the operational and business aspects of the company. Rainey has also appeared in video programs and helped the company exhibit at medical conventions. She is married to the publisher, Dr. Leslie Norins. Her mother and grandmother died of Alzheimer’s disease.